Working Eccomerce example PHP MySQL Development!

Product check out included but not configured for PayPall inclusion would be easy enougth. You would just need to contact your bank manager. Products are not real so dont enter your proper credit card details enter dummy ones. change database settings to match your own. in file see directory db_fns.php here! ("$result = new mysqli('localhost', 'book_sc', 'password', 'book_sc');")

Reused code using stepwise refinement from PHP and MySQL Web development by Luke Welling, and Laura Thomson. This is one of my examples on host server. Im new to to this so unsure about javascript menu inclusion, because of links if it infringes any rules for repository inclusion let me know.And i will amend.

author Ian Hyndman. my email My Host server details are: PHP MySQL using Localhost via UNIX socket Server type: MySQL Server version: 5.5.40-cll – MySQL Community Server (GPL) Protocol version: 10 User: splinter@localhost Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8) Web server cpsrvd Database client version: libmysql – 5.1.73 PHP extension: mysqli